Energy Families

Child Minding

When family comes first, it’s difficult to make your fitness a priority but we’d love to help you hop that logistical hurdle by offering Child Minding for infants, toddlers and children up to 11-years old. Our Kids Club offers a full collection of new toys, coloring books and a TV-free environment to help keep your kids as active as you! For Child Minding program details, please click here.

Parents Night Out

For an additional cost, we offer extended Child Minding on the last Friday of each month from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Members are normally required to be on the gym premises when using our Child Minding program, but not during Parents Night Out.

Teen Training Program

Kids learn best by example. So what better way is there to ensure that they’re learning appropriate forms of exercise for their age and body-type than pairing them with our team of professional Trainers. Many of our Trainers have extensive history working with children and young adults for sport-specific training and building a strong foundation towards long-term fitness goals.

Expectant Mothers

Classes like BODYPUMP™, BODYFLOW™, Yoga, and Pilates are excellent low-to-moderate-intensity fitness options that help expectant mothers maintain an active routine. Additionally, we have a few trainers who have experience in both pre and post-natal Training for those who may require a bit more guidance.