Back to Fitness

Back to Fitness Express takes a small-group approach, combining fundamentals of fitness and nutrition, to help you discover (or re-discover) the best shape of your life! Katie Henry and Patrick Newhall will guide you through the six-week program.

Back to Fitness Express begins October 2, 2017. Please contact Katie or Patrick to get started!

Rock Climbing

Defy gravity on our 30-foot rock wall! We supply the shoes and harness, you bring the adrenaline. Our wall features four challenging routes and two TRUBLUE Auto Belay systems, which means no knots, no ropes, and no problem! All levels of climbing experience are welcome.

Only Energy Club members may use the rock wall. Rock Climbing is included in your Energy Club membership, however all climbers must first go through our hour-long Rock Wall Certification. Please stop by the Front Desk, call us at (703) 824-0600, or contact Tyler Duchaine to get certified!

Olympic Weightlifting

The Energy Club offers small-group training classes in Olympic Weightlifting. The classes will help improve your technique and strength in Snatch and Clean & Jerk as well as assistance lifts. The Energy Club has several USAW coaches on staff. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Alex Argueta.

Nutrition Advice

Learn healthy and sustainable eating practices from a Registered Dietitian! Katie Henry RD, CPT, is our in-house dietitian and a master-level Personal Trainer. Sit down with Katie one-on-one and get guidance needed to get your nutrition and fitness lined up for success! Contact Katie directly at

Seasonal Specialties

Looking for a smaller group format to get professional instruction and meet new people? Or are you a victim to conformity? The Energy Club offers bootcamps, specialty programming like Back to Fitness, nutrition courses, and many others. Sign up for the newsletter and stay on top of their enrollments to get with the program!